To Whom It May Concern:
I have know Steve Nasman, one of the Managing Directors of the Affinity Advisory Group, for over 15 years. We both worked for the National Consumer Loan Servicing Executive at Bank of America. Steve and I have worked on several projects/consolidation studies together. I have found Steve to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the area of credit I have ever worked with in my 30 years in the banking industry.

Steve has proven to be reliable and he possesses excellent communication skills. Steve was well respected by senior management during his tenure at Bank of America. Steve is very experienced and has extensive problem solving abilities. Steve is also a strong manager with excellent people skills.

On a personal basis, Steve and I have remained in contact following his retirement from Bank of America. I believe that he can accomplish any endeavor that he is involved with and rest assured that those endeavors would be managed with a high level of integrity. His character and background are a clear indication as to the quality of work he would provide.

I would highly recommend Steve Nasman and The Affinity Advisory Group to any organization.

Joseph C. Collins
Senior Vice President
Bank of America Brea, CA