The Affinity Advisory Group provides professional services with specific attention to Management, Quality, Risk Management, New Revenue Opportunities, Human Capital, Operations and Finance. Our team of experts consistently provides the following elements in their daily operations:

Client Focus

Listening to our clients is the foundation of our success. Our experts recognize that every client is unique and that every client requires our intense focus. That is why we work with you in a collaborative style, to gain a clear understanding of your organization and strive to provide reliable solutions for the challenges at hand and to identify issues before they become problems.

Flexibility and Resourcefulness

Because our clients aren't "one-size fits all," neither is our approach. We are able to select the right multi-disciplinary team for our clients by drawing on our experience, our best practices mentality and our access to a vast network of professionals.

Experience and Foresight

After all, the current business climate requires all of us to balance stability with rapid change. Our people tackle your issues with energy, enthusiasm and integrity to provide you with the guidance that really gets to the heart of your business. We act with integrity, have mutual respect and believe in transparency.

Client Groups

Clients who would benefit from The Affinity Advisory approach include:
1. State and Federal Government Agencies;
such as the FDIC, HUD, FHA, SBA, DFI and NCUA.
2. Financial Institutions
3. Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
4. Consumers

Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management
Operations Improvement/Efficiency
Operations Improvement/Efficiency
Income Generation
Income Generation