To Whom It May Concern:
Stephen Nasman has been known to me for twenty-four years. We were neighbors for four years and became great friends. Our family's lives became intertwined over the years sharing baptisms, birthdays, holidays and vacations. I find Steve to be a man of character and integrity, so much so that I have cultivated and maintained a relationship with him even though we have not been neighbors, or even lived in the same city since 1989.

Steve demonstrates a great work ethic and brings a level of commitment to his responsibilities, which is rarely found. Just as importantly, he makes it enjoyable. His warmth and good humor are a magnet to those around him socially and in the workplace.

I am proud to call Steve my friend and consider any organization, which has the good fortune to work with him, better off for the experience.

Regina S. Boore RN,BSN,MS
Progressive Surgical Solutions